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F R E E   C H E A T  S H E E T
Harvard Study Finds
Entrepreneurs Who Do This Greatly
 Increase The Chance Their
 Business Will Be Successful
Step-by-step Instructions
  • Harvard Researchers studied 1,000 would-be entrepreneurs and tracked them over a six-year period .  
  • The study gathered some of the most comprehensive data ever collected on the characteristics of startups and their founders. 
  • ​It details the full range of activities undertaken to get the business off the ground and, crucially, whether it reaches a key measure of viability: reaching cash flow positive.
  •  They discovered what one thing made the difference between success and failure....
  • ​The cheat sheet explains how to do it in easy step-by-step instructions
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" Once I did this I was rolling and ultimately sold my company."
- Brandon C White
   Serial Entrepreneur &
 Angel Investor 
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